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Quick and Hassle-free diagnosis, repair and rejuvenation of all major smartphones running IOS, Android or Linux. From screen replacement to water damage fix, we provide an affordable and dependable service for your peace of mind.

PCs & Laptops

From HP and Mac tower PCs to Dell notebook, iMacs and Macbooks, Microtech is the local trusted brand for high quality express repairs.

iPads and Tablets

We have been restoring and repairing Apple products since 2004 and have a team of specialists who are able to repair everything from the simplest of problems to the most complex of issues.

Gaming Consoles

PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo are some of the many gaming consoles that we repair. Most common objections such as graphics card issues or controller malfunction to motherboard repairs, Microtech is your one-stop shop for all.

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We Offer highest quality service and a wide range of products

Microtech is a name specialised in immediate repairs of iPhones, smartphones, Macs, iPads, PC’s, computers, laptops, tablets and consoles. Delivering to our customers a swift, quality and standardised service. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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